First Steps Himalaya has been working in rural Nepal since 2008 to ensure Himalayan children have access to quality early years education.

As you read this, innocent Nepalis are being tricked into working in horrific conditions in the Middle East with the promise of a bright future and young girls trafficked into India by unscrupulous agents. Alternatively, remaining in their village almost guarantees a life of child bearing, back-breaking work and poverty.  To prevent this it is essential that the next generation of children have a quality education that allows them to have  choices resulting in a better quality of life. 

Quality education builds the foundation for a skilled workforce & a responsible community.



We create child-friendly classrooms that are clean & tidy, well resourced and conducive to learning.


We provide practical hands-on teacher training that results in skilled, motivated & passionate teachers.


Children attend classes that are stimulating, developmentally & culturally appropriate, and foster a long-term love of learning.