teacher training

Training and improvement in teaching standards are the key to bringing about positive change in rural Himalayan schools.

Our experienced teacher trainers.

Our experienced teacher trainers.

First Steps Himalaya invests in training local teachers in modern professional teaching methods, appropriate to the children and their culture. Teachers use both Nepali and English in their classes, with locally produced educational materials. New teachers joining our programme come to our training centre in Sangachok, where they learn side-by-side in a real classroom environment with our staff and teacher trainers. Once their initial training is complete, they return to their own classrooms and continue their professional development through an ongoing supervisory and mentoring programme provided by us.

Our training programme has been carefully designed by our education team, to ensure it is culturally appropriate for success in rural village schools.

Training is aimed at increasing teachers’ abilities to convey ideas in clear and convincing ways, to create effective learning environments for their students, and to foster productive teacher-student relationships. We aim to improve teachers’ skills, motivation, enthusiasm and creativity. 

Following initial training, we provide refresher workshops as part of our ongoing support programme. These are essential to ensure long-term success.

  • Active learning

  • Outdoor play

  • Use of natural materials to create resources

  • Preparation of visual aids, including flashcards

  • Celebrating culture 

  • Developing role plays


Our training covers subjects such as:

  • What makes a good teacher?

  • Lesson planning

  • Classroom and behaviour management

  • The importance of grade teaching with thematic plans

  • Numeracy, literacy and science 

  • Head teacher training

Our Training Services

We design workshops for other schools and organisations, based either at our purpose-built training centre in Sangachok, or at other locations in Nepal.

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