Welcome to the First Steps Himalaya Blog

Welcome friends, supporters, and interested readers to the First Steps Himalaya blog.

Here we’ll be sharing with you our exciting new developments, updates on our progress, first hand experiences from volunteers and teachers, behind the scenes peeks at how we do what we do, and entertaining stories from our past.

We’ve been working in Nepal since 2008 to raise the standard of education in rural communities. Over the years we’ve developed an effective method to achieve this, which involves teacher training, classroom refurbishment and provision of resources. We also provide ongoing monitoring and support to our project schools to ensure long term success and a better education for the children.

All over Nepal, children are receiving sub-standard education in dilapidated classrooms from untrained & unmotivated teachers. We’ve seen what a lack of education can do in poor and rural communities. This results in a community with limited life skills, who are vulnerable to exploitation and very likely to be stuck in a cycle of poverty and limited opportunities.

We want to break that cycle and empower these children to change their future with the skills they can gain through a quality education.

From our small beginnings with just three children in one early childhood class, we’ve now grown to support 75 classrooms in 26 schools across 3 districts in Nepal, helping thousands of young Nepali children to reach their potential. And we’re still growing.


We’re excited to share with you our progress, adventures, and past stories so you can see inside how we work and the challenges that face not only young Nepali students but also their teachers, and those who are trying to help.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

- The First Steps Himalaya Team