WISHES FOR NEPAL school fundraiser

Help us transform education in Nepal by taking part in the
Wishes for Nepal fundraiser. 
It’s fun, educational and easy to use!

Wishes for Nepal is First Steps Himalaya’s fundraising initiative to raise awareness and funds to improve education in rural Nepal. We’ve created educational resources about Nepal so you can hold your own fundraising event in your school or club. It can be as little or as big as you like, and held at any time of year.

Learn about Nepal with our story book and song, dress up in bright prayer flag colours, and enjoy our educational games and activities to have fun while you fundraise for a good cause! All resources are designed by teachers for teachers.

Our ready-made event poster and fundraising envelopes make it easy to host your own event, and our activities come with short instructional videos and/or templates so you know exactly what to do. There are lots of ideas to choose from, or you may be inspired to come up with your own!


Educational resources

Learn about the lives and culture of children in Nepal with our downloadable educational resources, which have been created by teachers, for teachers.

These include:

  • Access to our educational activity videos for pre-schoolers and early primary students

  • Printable story book, Sita’s Search

  • Wishes for Nepal song

Click on the link below for free access to our resources.

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... that almost all schools in rural Nepal:

  • have teachers who are untrained and lack understanding of child-friendly teaching methods

  • have classrooms that are totally unsuitable for children and not conducive to learning

  • lack resources, or any knowledge of how to use them

    Find out more about the current state of education in rural Nepal here.


First Steps Himalaya has been working in rural Nepal for ten years, and our revolutionary child-friendly teaching methods have changed many lives. We create child-friendly, well-resourced classrooms and train teachers to provide developmentally and culturally appropriate early years education.

The need for quality early-years education is huge, and as the demand for First Steps Himalaya's methods grows exponentially, we need your help!

Find out more about our training programme, our services, and other ways you can help us here.