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Wishes for Nepal is First Steps Himalaya’s fundraising event to raise awareness and funds to improve education in rural Nepal. An event can be as little or big as you like, and held at any time of year. Dress up in prayer flag colours, learn about Nepal with our story book and song, and take part in fun educational activities. Use our ready made poster and fundraising envelopes to make it easy!

Our activities come with short instructional videos and/or templates. There’s lots of ideas to choose from, or come up with your own! We’d love to see photos of your event and hear about what you’re doing.

Quick guide to A Wishes for Nepal DAY!

  • Introduce Wishes for Nepal with our specially written story book and song

  • Get your class doing some fun and educational activities to learn about Nepal. Click here to view our educational activities.

  • Get the children to decorate a fundraising envelope

  • Hold a fundraising day, get the children to dress in prayer flag colours and bring their envelope with a donation

To make your fundraising easy, use our ready made poster and donation envelope below:

cover only.JPG

learning outcomes & resources

By holding a Wishes for Nepal event, not only will you be raising money to help support improved education in rural Nepal, but the children will learn about others who have a very different life to them.

LEARNING OUTCOME: We are learning about how children live in Nepal.

Our story “Sita’s Search” has been written to show children what life is like in Nepal, and is a great starting point for discussion. Not only is Sita searching for her goat, but also for an education. She meets various friends along the way who for all sorts of reasons, cannot go to school.

Find a copy of “Sita’s Search” by viewing our education resources.


sharing your story

We would love to hear about your Wishes for Nepal event!

Do send us news and photos and let us know if you are happy for us to share them on social media. We would also love to hear about any new ideas that you have come up with for activities.

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Once you have collected your donations for Wishes for Nepal, please send to us by one of the following methods:

In New Zealand:
Bank of New Zealand, 226 Trafalgar Street, Nelson
Account number: 02- 0704-0065005-00 
Account name: First Steps Himalaya

From all other countries:
Transfers can be made via international transfer or credit card:

Transferwise: (our preferred method, as less fees for both parties)
Account name: First Steps Himalaya
Account number 02-0704-0065005-00
Address: Bank of New Zealand, 226 Trafalgar Street, Nelson, New Zealand

Givealittle: (credit card only)

Thank you so much for your support!